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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Streamyx Combo

Streamyx Combo

Streamyx is the brand name of the broadband services own and operates by TM (formerly known as Telekom Malaysia).
TM's high speed data carrying network crisscrossing the entire nation. Thus Streamyx can offer users a high speed broadband internet access regardless of their location within Malaysia.
Streamyx is a type of "wired" broadband, the data packages are transmit via hardwire from the point of user to the international gateway. Therefore, the users can expect a fairly uniform bandwidth allocation at all time and not adversely affected by the weather, location or altitude.

 Online Registration

Signing up a broadband service has never been easier. Now, Streamyx can be registered online. The process is a breeze compare to the drudgery of conventional registration.
This website is in business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Any time is a good time to subscribe to Streamyx and start enjoying a high speed internet connection.

For detail, your can call 013-3630710 (ady)

Streamyx Registration Form

Why Register Online with Us?
  • Waived RM75 Activation Fee.
  • Waived RM88 installation fee, even if you choose contractor install (only for combo packages).  
  • No Registration Fee.
  • We are company which can help you register your phone line and Streamyx together if you don't have fixed line currently. OR if you have fixed line already, you also can register your Streamyx at our web site.
  • No Payment upfront and charges same with you walk in TM Points to register cause all charges standard bill by TM.
  • No queueing up at the TM Points! Save your time, save your money (transportation cost) & save your effort Waived RM88 installation fee, even if you choose contractor install (only for combo packages).
  • Register at your convenient time, wherever you are! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No Registration Fee.
  • Save Installation Fee (We help you to save even more!)
    - Choose self installation to save RM88 installation fee.
    - We have guided all our customers to self install sucessfully. You will be 1 of them.

    - If you still prefer contrator installation, the charges is RM88.
  • We assist you in choosing the right plan, simply tell us which one of this option fits into your need and lifestyle. Streamyx combo package recommender will find out your match. 
Your can call me for assistance : 013-3630710-ady

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